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Our Service Departments

At Mc2, customer service, performance, satisfaction, and integrity come together. Since 1992.

Our employees have 50 years combined service experience in troubleshooting, service, repair and replacement.

CO2 Alarms

Using the top brands available in the industry our knowledgeable staff creates pleasing, unobtrusive, life-saving alarm installations.

Electrical & Lighting

We will help you replace the faulty wiring in your commercial property, add new receptacles for equipment, or complete your tenant finish project.

General Building Maintenance

Property managers, building owners and retailers appreciate the one-stop shop for general maintenance and repair service needs.

Our Commercial Property Maintenance Services

We perform all types of commercial property maintenance, including electrical, lighting, neon, food equipment service and hot and cold beverage maintenance.  Combined with our in house service we offer full management of additional services through our strategic alliances for your convenience and to be your “one stop shop.”  We offer on-call services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

  1. Automatic door repair/replacement
  2. Backflow preventer repairs/installs
  3. Beverage equipment repair/installs
  4. Beverage service
  5. Ceiling tile replacement
  6. Chili cheese equipment repair/install
  7. Co2 Monitors
  8. Coffee equipment repair/install
  9. Door repair/replacement
  10. Electrical repairs
  11. Electrical service
  12. Equipment relocation
  13. Equipment installation
  14. Fire extinguisher testing
  15. Food service
  16. Glass repair/replacement
  17. Graffiti removal
  18. HVAC
  19. Icemaker repair/install
  20. Lighting repair/replacement
  21. Locksmith services
  22. Masonry
  23. Neon repair/install
  24. Painting, all types
  25. Parking lot repairs
  26. Plumbing repairs
  27. Power washing
  28. Refrigeration
  29. Roller grill repair/install
  30. Roof repair
  31. Sign repair
  32. Tidel safe repair/install
  33. Tile repair/replacement
  34. Turbo Chef Ovens
  35. Wall repair
  36. Welding
  37. Wood fence repair/install

Our Mission: Customer Care & Satisfaction

We are happy to accommodate any services specific to your business needs. Customer care and satisfaction is one of our goals and a company-wide mission. We use a dock high facility to receive and ship equipment, parts and supplies. We have 14-foot box trucks for deliveries and pick up needs.